Premium Mono
Block Caliper

Premium Mono-Block Caliper

With its simple, non-sliding design and limited bridge structure, mono-block caliper designs can often accommodate a larger brake rotor (disc) size within the same wheel size as a sliding caliper, thereby increasing brake torque.
Mono-block calipers also tend to have a more stylized design, leading to the perception of higher performance.


Value Proposition

  • 6 Pistons with high performance

    Use 2 pistons inside and 2 pistons outside generally, but it applied the mono-block technology that can use 3 pistons on both sides for braking high performance vehicles.

  • Improved braking experience and thermal resistance

    - Upgrade the braking performance by developing the mono block-only high mu friction material and improving resistance against heat that generated during braking.
    - Improve the braking performance. Because the disc size can be increased while using the mono-block product.

  • Upgrade commercial quality

    Possesses mono-block design technology optimized to improved marketability by using aerodynamic analysis and styling design project (design & color, etc.).

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