(Ball-Nut Type Electric Power Steering)

BN-EPS is a fully electric power steering system for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, etc.
It uses energy only when necessary, which is different from hydraulic power steering systems which constantly consume energy to pressurize the system. The design increases fuel efficiency or range. In addition, it provides ADAS functions, improves safety and convenience to the driver.


Value Proposition

  • Improve fuel efficiency

    Reduced weight compared to the existing Hydraulic Ball-Nut architecture and increased efficiency contribute to improved fuel economy or range

  • Various VAFs

    Provides various VAFs (Value Added Functions), such as Automatic Parking, Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Lane Following Assist (LFA), and other ADAS features

  • Commercial vehicle (Truck, Bus)

    BN-EPS is fitted to commercial vehicles requiring high output.
    Design can be sized for various applications: Light, Medium, and Heavy vehicles.

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