(Column Type Electric Power Steering)

C-EPS is a steering system that use an electric motor rather than hydraulic pressure to provide driving assist. Benefits include reduced weight and improved efficiency to enable increased mileage or EV range. In addition, it provides the proper steering and stability performance according to the vehicle speed. C-EPS is a basic steering architecture with capability to perform autonomous driving, like automatic parking. It is designed for Small and Medium vehicle platforms


Value Proposition

  • Improve fuel efficiency

    Reduced weight compared to Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS), increases efficiency, and improves fuel efficiency or range.

  • Various VAFs

    Provides various VAFs (Value Added Functions), such as Automatic Parking, Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Lane Following Assist (LFA), and other ADAS features

  • Small/Medium-sized vehicle

    C-EPS is fitted to small/medium-sized vehicles considering packaging, performance, equipment location, and cost efficiency.

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