(Active Motion control System)

AMS is a system composed of Actuator, Motor pump unit, and ECU. The ECU controls the Motor pump unit to enable the Actuator to operate quickly by generating high pressure, in response to the vehicle's state requirements. Through this, it significantly enhances the vehicle's fundamental abilities of 'ride comfort and stability' compared to conventional dampers. Moreover, it allows autonomous adaptation to front situations without human intervention, enabling the definition of new Mobility such as autonomous driving and integration with movies/games.


  • AMS (Active Motion control System)

Value Proposition

  • Enhancement of Vehicle Safety
    Enhancement of Vehicle Safety

    Improving Vehicle Attitude
    Control Ability through
    Implementation of Active Force
    (Enhancement of Anti Pitch &
    Roll Performance).

  • Enhancement of Ride Comfort
    Enhancement of Ride Comfort

    Implementation of Independent Damping
    for Left and Right through
    Stabilizer Bar Removal,
    Expansion of Control Range
    through Active Force,
    Achieving the Ultimate Ride Comfort.

  • Comfortable Space Implementation
    in the Era of Autonomous Driving
    Comfortable Space Implementation in the Era of Autonomous Driving

    Effectively Responding to Vehicle
    Vibrations and Shocks, Providing a
    Productive Moving Space by Reducing
    Passenger Fatigue and Motion
    Sickness in the Autonomous Driving Era.

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