Patrol Robot, Parking Robot

Patrol & Parking Robot

Develop the core technology of software to conduct the positioning, cognitive, and controlling functions for autonomous driving robots so that a new technology part of an ordinary life becomes convenient technology for a new life.
Recognize the position and surroundings by using the diverse sensors of GPS, LiDAR, cameras, and others, judge and
control the status, and conduct the function.
Provide an autonomous driving solution that shares everyday life in the future society.


Patrol Robot

Goalie is the name of an unmanned autonomous patrol robot that helps with our safety and security.


Value Proposition

  • Reliability

    Operates reliably in various road and weather conditions.

  • Easy Application

    Reach your destination easier and quicker next time because the GPS automatically generates the route based on accumulated operating data.

  • Various Mission Module

    Able to set the module to meet the requirement of the customers.

    Goalie 2 Siheung Model

    PTZ Camera

    Goalie 2 Gwanak-gu Model

    PTZ Camera, General Camera, Speaker, Microphone, LED panel, Warning Lamp, Headlights


Parking Robot

HL Mando’s parking robot is an unmanned robot automated system that controls every step of parking efficiently.


Value Proposition

  • Easy Application

    Requires with minimal changes to existing parking lots.

  • Maximum Efficiency

    Increase parking efficiency up to 30% compared to the existing area

  • Service Expansion

    More comfortable and diverse services can provide in connection with parking lot.

  • Accident Prevention

    Helps to prevent accidents through reliable autonomous driving technology.

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