Smart Factory

Smart Factory

HL Mando’s smart factory solution provides technology for the intelligent factory that improves the productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction by applying ICT to the production process.

It provides a data-based AI solution, collecting data in real-time from enabled devices and It is a technology that includes the collection, processing, and transmission of data and all infrastructure (communication, cloud, etc.) for continuous learning, distribution, and assessment of an AI model.

Application of Smart Factory

HL Mando’s smart factory solution provides an AI-based solution for the production factory’s facilities of HL Mando and it can be applied to customers’ factories if the facilities and manufacturing environments are similar to HL Mando’s.

  • 01. Trouble Detection and Search
  • 02. Performance Dashboard
  • 03. User Set-up Function
  • 04. Alarm / Facilities Control
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