Corporate Social Responsibility

Add value to the world through CSR
(Corporate Social Responsibility).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together, we change the world for the better.

Our CSR Strategy

Mando has been fully committed to undertaking CSR initiative to bring positive impact and pursue innovation based on.

Vision & Slogan

Sustainable Future Created by Society,
Neighbors and Mando


  • Fair World
  • Eager Participation
  • Continuous Activities

Section & Action

  • Offering mobility convenience
    to the handicapped and
    socially disadvantaged

    • Roly-poly Wheelchair of Love
    • ‘Safety Speed 5030’ campaign
    • House repair activities
    Move Together
  • Climate change response
    and preservation of
    sustainable ecosystems

    • Environmental protection
      (1 company 1 stream campaign, etc.)
    • Providing plants for seniors living alone
    • Growing a Green Forest (With NGOs)
    • Biodiversity preservation
    Green Together
  • Support the nurturing
    of future generations for a
    better future

    • Scholarship to communities where worksites
      are based
    • Support for students under ‘Smart Mobility’
    • ‘After-School Class’, a talent donation program
    Dream Together
  • Leading the solution of
    social problems and
    changes through
    collaboration with local

    • Blood Drive for Love campaign
    • Sharing kimchi, sharing briquettes
    • Support for children from low-income families
    • Woosoori Happiness+
    • Sharing Rice of Love
    Happy Together


  • No Poverty NO POVERTY
  • Zero Hunger ZERO HUNGER
  • Good Health and Well-Being GOOD HEALTH
  • Quality Education QUALITY EDUCATION
  • Reduced Inequalities REDUCED INEQUALITIES
  • Climate Action CLIMATE ACTION
  • Life on Land LIFE ON LAND

CRS Program

Introducing a little happiness gifted by HL Mando.

Move Together

Roly-poly Wheelchair of Love

Initiated in 2012, we support individuals living with severe
disabilities caused by road traffic accidents each year to inherit
the ‘roly-poly spirit’ of the late founder of Halla Group Chung
In-Young. After the reception of applications from KOTSA,
Mando chooses beneficiaries and donates specially designed
manual/electric wheelchairs.

National Safety Speed 5030
Public Pledge Campaign

We launched the National Safety Speed 5030 Campaign
with the KOTSA to help reduce deaths from road traffic
accidents and raise funds for children who lost their parents
due to road traffic accidents. Families of traffic accident victims
under financial hardships who are not provided with matching
grants from the government are given financial support from
Mando to help create much-needed support for their children.
We also provide psychological counseling to families of drunk
driving and hit-and-run victims suffering from posttraumatic
stress disorder.

Green Together

Pet Tree Sharing Campaign

We launched the Pet Tree Sharing Campaign. Our employees joining this campaign grow pet trees with care in their office for two months and donate them to the less fortunate with encouraging messages. The funds raised in purchasing pet trees go to create forests, where signboards will be set up with the names of employees who grew pet trees carved on them.

Walk Together

Walk Together is Halla Group’s leading CSR campaign that requires the direct participation of employees. Under this campaign, our employees install a mobile Walk Together app and record the number of steps they take irrespective of time or place, which are then converted into donations to support seniors in need of artificial joint surgery. This campaign not only encourages a walking culture for our employees’ healthcare but also improves accessibility to CSR activities to readily engage employees.

Dream Together

Supporting industry-academia
scholarship students.

We identify talented high school students who satisfy our
definition of an ideal Mando employee and nurture them into
automotive professionals with working-level competitiveness.
In so doing, we promote science and engineering majors,
revitalize local universities, and create jobs for young people to
meet the pressing needs of our society. We provided them with scholarships, laptops and other electronic learning devices.

Scholarships for
Underprivileged Youth

As part of our joint labor-management CSR activities, we have
provided scholarships from 2014 to youth from low-income
families in Pyeongtaek, Wonju, and Iksan where our worksites are
located. We pledged to continue with such support so that
talented and aspiring youth do not suffer any deprivation of
educational opportunity amid.

Happy Together

Mando’s Social Volunteer Group

We encourage all our employees to join at least one social volunteer group activity, where participation is converted to volunteer hours and used in selecting top CSR performers at the end of the year.

Mando’s Social Volunteer Group Activities
  • Volunteer

    Once a year (4 hours),
    /group participation

  • Woosoori

    Cumulate a monthly
    deduction of less than
    KRW 1,000 and donate
    to the less fortunate

  • Donation

    Deduct a set amount of wage
    (KRW 5,000 or more) and
    donate monthly (Equivalent
    to 0.4 hours of volunteering
    per month)

  • One-to-one sponsorship

    Donate KRW 20,000 or more
    to a specific child monthly
    (Equivalent to 0.4 hours of
    volunteering per month)